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Since 1987, Fifth Avenue owner, Randy Rundle, has been making antique, classic and special interest vehicles more reliable and fun to drive.


We have provided services for the cars entered in the Great Race; we have done it for the movie studios, and we have even done it for the Queen of England.


So please, consider this your personal invitation to tour our Internet Garage. Feel free to wander around, peek in all of the corners, and spend some time reading about some of our past adventures. We will provide you with the same personal service that we provide to all of our customers.


"Garage Tech" with Randy Rundle


 Join Randy as he shares his 30 years of antique vehicle knowledge on such subjects as the Borg Warner overdrive transmissions (the top ten things you need to know if you own one…) and what to do with your dash gauges when you upgrade your electrical system to 12-volts, and much more. To read "Garage Tech" pages, CLICK HERE.


"Mr. Haney's Specials"


Like most garages that have been around for a while… we have an inventory of antiques, collectibles, and automobilia related items that are either duplicates, or things we simply do not have use for. We are offering those items for sale here ...


CLICK HERE: to view what Mr. Haney has For Sale.

Now Available… "The Studebaker Special…"

You can thank the members of the Studebaker Drivers Club for this one…You can now buy "The Official Guide To Modern Gasoline And Oil For Antique Vehicles and "Help! My Car Won’t Start When It Is Hot ! " both books together for $25.00 and free shipping.


Both of these books have become top sellers thanks in part to the Studebaker Drivers Club who purchased enough of them that they asked for a discount. Now we are offering the same discount to you. Simply ask for the “The Studebaker Special.” Keep in mind that if you buy either book individually the cost is the regular price of $15.00 each.


HELP! My Car Won't Start When It's Hot! The Official Guide to Modern Gasoline & Oil for Antique Vehicles



Joe RyanSatisfied Customers Respond!



Here's a picture of my '54 Vette. I've owned the car for 20 years, and just did a full frame off resto (myself) 2 years ago. It's an NCRS "Top Flight" car. It's a much more dependable car now with your 6-volt alternator.


Thanks again! Joe Ryan


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HD Power Pack

HD Power Block

This HD Power Block has six individual separate circuits available. Each circuit has a 30 amp max rating. The Power Block has a 65- amp total max rating. The red battery cable is (22”) in length. This Power Block works well when adding a modern stereo, Ipod, GPS, or cell phone charging power source to an antique vehicle’s electrical system. By connecting this power block directly to the battery your accessories will be protected from voltage spikes and power surges.    


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Fifth Avenue Sponsored 1916 Hudson Wins 2015 Great Race, Sharp Racing Team Collects $50,000 in Prize Money.

The 2015 Great Race started on June 20th in Kirkwood, Missouri (St. Louis) and traveled down old Route 66 highway arriving nine days later at the pier in Santa Monica, California. Along the way the teams encountered drenching rains in Missouri, blustery winds in Oklahoma and blistering heat in Arizona. The 1916 Hudson the Sharp team drove is an open cockpit race car, so they got to experience the weather firsthand which makes their win even more amazing! Read more


The Great Race...How It Works

How the Great Race Works

The Great Race is a timed / distance rally for antique vehicles. The teams consist of a driver and a navigator who together must follow a specific set of instructions that give them a specified route to be driven (each day for nine days) at a specified speed (both of which will change a dozen times an hour) and all without the use of the vehicle’s factory speedometer, or odometer.


To be sure they are on time (there is a penalty for being either early or late) the teams are clocked at various hidden checkpoints, where their driving accuracy is measured down to 100th of a second. Any mechanical breakdowns during the day must be fixed with no outside help… Read more