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SalesmanYes that is Mr. Haney of Green Acres fame, and now he works for us. We have put him in charge of our "more experienced merchandise." He has made a list, written descriptions, and priced things at what he thinks they are worth. If you see something you like, don't be bashful, make him an offer. He is not always right! Check back often. Who knows what he will come up with next...?

1951 Book from Fort Lupton Colorado
When Mayor Stoner went on vacation he stopped off at the local Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lupton Colorado. He toured the town was given a key to the city along with a 21 gun salute. He told his city council he was spreading good will. What he was really doing was taking a vacation at taxpayer’s expense.

You as a taxpayer can own this incriminating vacation tour guidebook with pictures for the already taxed sum of $21.19 fob Clay Center Kansas.

Fort Lupton, CO
Fort Lupton, Co book inside

Massy-Ferguson Shop Manual
This manual covers the Massey – Ferguson Models MF-135, MF-150, and MF-165. It is in good original condition and can be yours for the sum of $16.10 fob Clay Center Kansas. Please note that no government payment subsidies apply.


Massey-Ferguson Shop manual
Massy-Feguson inside

Smudge Pots
Back in the early days and much longer than most cities had them, the city street department used these smudge pots as safety warning devices next to open trenches and street repairs. While most cities went to battery powered flashing lights Mayor Stoner refused to update so the city used these up until the late 1960’s. No longer needed by the city and declared surplus property you can buy the pair (which still work by the way) for the safety sum of $42.19 fob Clay Center Kansas.

smudge pots

Yamaha R5-B Brochure
In the unlikely event that you and your brother each had Yamaha R5-B street bikes back in the day… then you would know that these bikes would do 100 mph off of the showroom floor, it says so right in the brochure! If you both share the same memories of this bike fear not there are two copies of this rare color brochure available, and they are in very good condition, better than you are at this age no doubt. Regardless… you can buy both of the original Yamaha 350 color brochures for $12.00 fob Clay Center Kansas.

Yamaha R5-B brochure
Yamaha R5-B brochure

Aviation Electronics Inc.
Mayor Stoner had an airplane for a brief time but could not afford to keep it when the city refused to pay for half of it.

During the time when it looked like the Mayor could slide the airplane expenses thru under misc expenses…he had Cooter McPhee order this electronic ignition conversion for his airplane.

Made in Wichita Kansas it was supposed to be the best on the market. Nobody knows for sure how good it was because the Mayor had to sell his plane before Cooter had a chance to install the conversion.

So if you need a new in the box electronic ignition system for your airplane this fine example can be purchased for the low flying sum of $24.18 fob Clay Center Kansas. There is no warrantee or guarantee with this device or any other device the mayor may have owned or operated during his lifetime.


Wichita Electronic ignition system
Electronic Ignition system box

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